Black White Basic Package
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Black White Basic Package


  • We will Promote your track on all Digital Platforms
  • You will get more than 100K plays on Spotify
  • Track Will be placed on Beatport top chart at least for one day {Top 100}
  • A few DJs & Labels will support your track
  • Some of them will add your track to their Playlists
  • The track will be played on some Radios
  • The track will be Promoted on Spotify, Beatport, YouTube, Deezer etc
  • 5-10 Days delivery
  • 24/7 live support

Black White Basic Package
If you really wanna promote your track we can help you with our incredible Black White Basic Package.

Give your upcoming release the extra boost it needs to hit the charts!

This new promotional service is an all in one solution to generate

real fans and great support to grow your fan base and give yourself the chance to break through. Tons of potential fans waiting to discover and hear fresh new music. With this promotion service you’ll get promotion not only on 1 specific social media but on all of them

combined. In addition, having your music sent out to many influential

promoters and booking agencies. They’re partnered with over 70 top

music sites that can boost your popularity a lot.

The Premium promotion package will give a reach of over 200 000! If you want thousands of new listeners and fans hearing, liking, reposting and sharing your music then this is the campaign you need.

Promotion is the most expensive part in the artist career, believe us,

we already invested much time, effort and money in your artist career.

Now we give you the opportunity to boost it more, to hopefully conquer the charts with your track!

You’ll just have to choose the promotion package you want from the 4 mentioned below:

The bigger the promotion campaign is, the more effective it will be.


Black White Promotion
We’ve been striving for the past 5 years to provide the Best Music Promotion Services for thousands of artists. Every creator’s goal is to have their music heard by a large audience. We will make it easier for you to build a solid legit foundation of followers and subscribers and have your music heard worldwide. We always provide 100% Real and organic music promotion to our clients.