Spinnin Top 20 Talent Pool Promotion

What is this service?

1. Being heard by Spinnin Records(Top 20 Talent Pool).
2. Opportunity to get feedback from Spinnin Records or label residents (mini review, comment under the track).
3. The opportunity to sign a contract and get more attention from the music community, (top DJs, top radio stations and many other influential people in the music industry) listeners around the world.
4. The ability to get support from Spinnin Records without signing a contract (everything is at the discretion of the label, for example, supporting your track on a radio show or publishing on Spinnin Records resources, where there are millions of followers around the world).
5. 100% you will get organic promotion of the track, attention from the user of this site, because you will be in the most prominent place of the site in the Talent Pool section (many users and large visits).
6. There is also a competition chart (in the CONTESTS tab you will find many competitions), where you can also place your music, from our side we will help you get into good positions, so you will be noticed faster. They often raffle off different prizes of a different nature (release on a label, money, equipment, etc.).

Spinnin Top 20 Talent Pool Promotion [ORGANIC PROMOTION]
The Spinnin’ Records charts (Spinnin Talent Promotion) are yet another of our professional best music promotion services. By knowing the industry inside out and employing a host of methods, we guarantee our customers placement in their charts of choice.

Buy votes and climb the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool and charts. Get yourself some quick and 100% secure boost in popularity with our music chart voting system. 20 Talent Pool votes for a special price.

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