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What are best legit music promotion services and why to use them?

Meta: Legit music promotion services can help your songs to rock the music industry. Want to know why and how? Check out this article.

Music promotion and streaming services rocked the music industry forever.

According to the headlines, you might believe that the industry is on shaky ground.

The actual situation is quite different. Every year since 2013, the music industry has grown at a healthy rate.

It is anticipated that global revenue will surpass $65 billion by the end of 2023.

Despite this, musical competition is notoriously uneven.

According to Next Big Sound, an online music analytics and insights provider, roughly 50% of artists are regarded as “undiscovered.”

These acts have few or no radio plays, social followings, and views on Vevo and YouTube.

These analytics include hundreds of thousands of artists around the world but think about how many more artists are not even considered “undiscovered”.

How do you go from being unknown to being established?

You must first be able to create amazing music. Beyond that, your music marketing needs to be spot-on.

For that, you have to use legit music promotion services.

Best legit music promotion services

Best legit music promotion services


What is music marketing?

The process of introducing music to a market is known as music marketing.

When you are looking for a marketing company to promote your music, you should first answer these questions.

  • Which market are you targeting with your music?
  • How are you distributing the music to the general public?

You’ll know exactly what you’re doing if you answer these two questions.

Furthermore, the majority of legit music promotion services are designed to assist you in reaching a market that would be interested in your music but hasn’t yet heard it.

The following is a list of the most common strategies for reaching new audiences.

  • Playlist promotion (usually on Spotify)
  • Press promotion (getting your music covered in magazines, music blogs, and possibly podcasts)
  • Digital advertising (including paid ads on Facebook Ads Manager, for Instagram, or Google Ads for YouTube)
  • Sync licensing (placing music in commercials, TV shows, movies, video games, etc.)
  • Influencer marketing (there is overlap with this and playlist promotion, but I’m talking Tik Tok and Instagram influencers with this)

If you want music marketing in 2023, you almost certainly want legit music promotion services that do at least one of the five things we just mentioned.

However, no company excels at any of these tasks. This way of breaking things down will help you decide which company is best for your needs.

It is interesting to know that Black White Promotion has a package that includes promoting on all platforms.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a music marketing company is to figure out what you want from music marketing and then choose the company that seems like a good fit.

Music marketing helps you Music marketing.

4 Tips to Improve Your Music Marketing

We might not be a global music star, but We definitely know a lot about digital marketing. With that in mind, we listed some top tips about how to improve your music marketing before hiring legit music promotion services.

  1. Create social media accounts for your music!

Music fans used to like their favorite artists to be mysterious and distant, but now we want constant access to them.

Where you are, what you’re doing, and what inspires you right now are all important to us. We go to social media to find out about you.

An up-and-coming artist can make a big difference if they have a large and growing social media following on platforms like Instagram.

Today, artists frequently generate a lot of social buzz before the media even notice them.

Build a community around your work by speaking directly to fans, promoting your music, announcing new tour dates, and using your social media presence.

Market your music in all platforms

          2. Market Your Music Across as Many Platforms as You Can

Your fans don’t all use the same digital platform exclusively.

For instance, we are aware that they are on Instagram, but it is likely that they are also present in many other places.

It’s important to promote your music on a wide range of platforms, including social media sites and streaming services.

The reason is that younger people might prefer platforms like YouTube, and older ones might prefer Instagram.

Legit music promotion services can help you with that.

Additionally, don’t close your eyes to opportunities for cross-promoting across multiple platforms.

For instance, sharing a link to your most recent video on Instagram after uploading it to YouTube will support all of your fans.

        3. Build A Network to Market Your Music

In the process of recognition, making the right connections can make all the difference.

However, you cannot simply expect those connections to develop naturally.

You need to get things done by yourself and use networking to get things done.

The following are some important networking tips:

  • Reach out via social: Use social media to connect and locate people who are involved in relevant aspects of the music industry and establish connections with them. Don’t immediately ask them to book or sign you when you contact them. Engage in conversation. Ask them for advice, express your admiration for their work, or participate in their online conversations.
  • Get face time: Participate as much as you can in your community. Attend workshops and conferences, play as many shows and open mics as you can, and hang out at venues that book many local artists.
  • Develop a mindset of networking: Networking opportunities can be found in every conversation. You might be talking to a local singer who wants to do a few shows for military soldiers or someone from a charity who is putting on a festival. Make it a habit to carry business cards, demo CDs, USB sticks, or download cards. Also, try to find legit music promotion services.
  • Follow-up: In sales, it takes at least five follow-ups to close 80% of non-routine deals. Music probably isn’t any different. Don’t expect to see results from networking if you don’t try to restart stalled conversations.
Best legit music promotion services 4

Make connection with other artists!

        4. Invest in Your Music, If Possible

Although it may be a cliche, the expression “It takes money to make money” is frequently accurate.

An excellent illustration of this in action is Instagram.

Organic (i.e., unpaid) activity engagement rates for pages with fewer than 10,000 fans are just 0.52 percent, so if you have 9,999 followers, just over 50 will engage with your posts.

That seems like a waste of time and effort. You might think it is better for larger, more widely read pages, correct? Wrong!

Only 0.1% of followers engage with pages with more than 100,000 followers.

Social media is increasingly becoming a pay-to-play environment.

Ads can significantly increase engagement and reach, so it’s worth making a small investment to grow your brand.

Of course, it’s not all about social media. You might also consider hiring legit music promotion services to grow up on different promotion platforms and strengthen your branding.

What are the best Music Promotion Services?

If you are looking for the best legit music promotion services, don’t miss this list.

Instagram, one of the legit music promotion services

Most musicians will probably agree that the most difficult part of being a musician isn’t making new music, but rather reaching your audience and effectively promoting your music.

The path to success before the beginning of the 2000s was relatively straightforward, despite its difficulty.

Discovering and signing artists and everything else would be managed by a label.

Now that this infrastructure doesn’t longer exist, aside from multi-platinum artists, an emerging or independent artist must be a master of all trades.

You must do everything, from designing posters, booking gigs, creating your art website, and maintaining an active social media presence to creating new material.

Of course, you can get help from legit music promotion services.

Let’s take a look at Instagram’s intended audience to see if it benefits you.

The statistics show that 71% of Instagram users worldwide are under the age of 35. Because this percentage is so high, despite the genre of your music, Instagram will probably work for it.

Nothing will stop you as long as the younger audience is interested in your music!

In addition to its popularity, Instagram provides a list of features, such as “traditional posts,” Instagram Stories, IGTV, and numerous advertising options, that enable you to engage your audiences and cultivate devoted followers.

In light of this, the following seven methods will help you successfully promote your music on Instagram and connect with your fans.

  • Giveaways and Rewards
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Cross-Promotion on social media
  • Offer Free Music Samples
  • Go Live
  • Promote yourself as a person (who also happens to be a musician)
  • Use paid posts and ads.
  • Make use of music hashtags to your advantage
  • Instagram Stories and IGTV
Best legit music promotion services 6

Spotify, a great music promotion platform

Spotify has the most opportunities for promoting your tracks on any streaming platform. You can hire legit music promotion services to get best use of it.

Spotify is best at providing promotional tools, such as album visuals with Spotify Canvas, scrolling lyrics, playlist submission, and its renowned algorithm recommendations.

Claim your artist profile as soon as you have your music uploaded to Spotify. This is the most important step you can take to begin promoting your music.

You will be able to customize your profile, add tour dates, and merchandise, and submit upcoming releases for Spotify playlisting if you claim your profile.

You will also be able to use Canvas, the visual album art tool from Spotify that lets artists add custom videos that loop and play while a song is playing.

To effectively promote your music on Spotify, you must have a strategy for getting your fans to listen to your new songs as soon as they are released.

Also, you can get advice from legit music promotion services.

Launching a pre-save campaign with a promo link is the best way to drum up excitement, which will also help the algorithm pick up your new track sooner. Drumming up excitement is always a good idea.

If your music is great and you have a strategy for promoting your tracks, you won’t have any trouble finding fans who love your music on Spotify.

YouTube, a great rival for Spotify

YouTube Music is a competitor to Spotify, so it is a streaming platform in and of itself. However, even the video platform has a ton of music, playlists, videos, and live performances.

You need to make a music video for each of your songs and upload live performances and interviews to YouTube if you want to be a successful artist.

It takes posting on your channel and looking for opportunities to appear on larger live performance channels like KEXP and Tiny Desk.

With the help of YouTube Content ID, if other creators use your music in their videos, you will be mentioned there.

YouTube Content ID is a Google invention that identifies and monetizes your music whenever someone else uses it on YouTube.

Good video content requires a large team and a lot of time to make, but the rewards can be game-changing. Making videos is not easy.

Legit music promotion services can make it easy for you to promote music on YouTube.

Volf Peck, for instance, is one of many artists whose careers have been built on uploading music performance videos to YouTube.

Best legit music promotion services 8

Beatport, good for DJ’s

When it comes to digital service providers for dance musicians, Beatport is the best among legit music promotion services.

Over $300 million in royalties have been paid out to independent dance music labels since their inception in 2004.

It is important to note that Beatport’s focus is distinct from that of other significant digital service providers like Apple Music and Spotify.

According to Music Business Worldwide, Beatport had 450,000 active DJs and 35 million unique visitors per year at the time of this acquisition.

Their aim is more focused on the consumer, whereas Beatport is geared toward DJs looking to add the hottest dance track to their set.

With this platform, it is simple to have more personal and direct interactions with your audience.

SoundCloud is more focused on collaboration and engagement than other social media platforms, which will assist you in rapidly expanding your audience.

For instance:

  • Direct messaging makes it simple to communicate with other artists.
  • You and another artist can get twice as much exposure by working together on a project.
  • Followers can “like” and “repost” your songs. These actions will appear in their newsfeed for all their followers to see. Your song will get more exposure the more times it is reposted.
  • Depending on your future objectives, consider whether your music would benefit more from a music video than from simply releasing the tracks on SoundCloud, and vice versa. For instance, making a song and uploading it to SoundCloud is much simpler and less expensive than making an entire music video. It makes no sense to spend money on multiple music videos, especially if you intend to release entire albums.

Have direct interactions with audiences in SoundCloud!

By getting legit music promotion services of this platform from us, you receive following advantages.

  1. Being heard by Spinnin Records.
  2. Possibility to receive feedback from label residents or Spinnin Records (mini-review, comment under the track).
  3. The chance to sign a contract and gain more attention from the music community, including top DJs, top radio stations, and numerous other influential people in the music industry, as well as listeners worldwide.
  4. The ability to receive support from Spinnin Records without entering into a contract (everything is at the label’s discretion, including publishing on Spinnin Records resources, which have millions of followers worldwide)
  5. Because you will be in the Talent Pool section, which has the most visitors and users, you will get 100% of the track’s organic promotion and attention from users of this website.
  6. You can also place your music on a competition chart (many competitions are listed under the CONTESTS tab), and we will help you get into good positions, so you get noticed faster. They frequently give away a variety of prizes, such as money, equipment, or a release on a label.

Black White, one the best legit music promotion services

With our fantastic Black White Packages, we can assist you if you want to promote your track.

Black White is one the best among legit music promotion services.

Give your forthcoming release the additional lift it requires to rock the charts!

This new promotional service is an all-in-one option for getting real fans and great support to expand your fan base and give you a chance to shine.

There are a lot of potential fans who are eager to hear new music. You will receive promotions not only on one specific social media platform but also across all of them when you use this promotion service.

Additionally, we send your music to numerous influential booking agencies and promoters.

They are partnered with over 70 top music websites, which can significantly increase your popularity.

A reach of more than 200,000 will be provided by the Premium promotion package.

This is the campaign you need if you want thousands of new listeners and fans to hear, like, repost, and share your music.

Believe us when we say that we have already invested a significant amount of time, effort, and money in your artist career.

Hiring legit music promotion services is the most expensive part of the career.

Now is your chance to boost it even more and, hopefully, take over the charts with your song!

You only need to select the promotion package you want from the four that are listed below.

The promotion campaign will be more successful the larger it is.


  • Delivery Starts within 36 Hours
  • $2000 decreased to $999.95.
  • We will Promote your track on all Digital Platforms
  • You will get more than 100K plays on Spotify.
  • Track Will be placed on Beatport top chart at least for one day {Top 100}
  • A few DJs & Labels will support your track.
  • Some of them will add your track to their Playlists.
  • The track will be played on some Radios.
  • The track will be Promoted on Spotify, Beatport, YouTube, Deezer etc.
  • 5-10 Days delivery
  • 24/7 live support

Get more contracts by promoting yourself!


  • Delivery Starts within 36 Hours
  • $4000 decreased to $1999.95.
  • We will Promote your track on all Digital Platforms
  • You will get more than 250K plays on Spotify.
  • Track Will be placed on Beatport top chart at least for one day {Top 50}
  • Big DJs & Labels will support your track.
  • Some of them will add your track to their Playlists.
  • The track will be played on some Radios.
  • The track will be Promoted on Spotify, Beatport, YouTube, Deezer etc.
  • 10-20 Days delivery
  • 24/7 live support


  • Delivery Starts within 36 Hours
  • $6000 decreased to $2999.95.
  • We will Promote your track on all Digital Platforms
  • You will get more than 500K plays on Spotify.
  • Track Will be placed on Beatport top chart at least for one day {Top 20}
  • Many big DJs & Labels will support your track.
  • Some of them will add your track to their Playlists.
  • The track will be played on some Radios.
  • The track will be Promoted on Spotify, Beatport, YouTube, Deezer etc.
  • 20-40 Days delivery
  • 24/7 live support


  • Delivery Starts within 36 Hours
  • $8000 decreased to $3999.95.
  • Premium Black White Packages we will Promote your track on all Digital Platforms
  • You will get more than 1M plays on Spotify.
  • Track Will be placed on Beatport top chart at least for one day {Top 10}
  • Many big DJs & Labels will support your track.
  • Many of them will add your track to their Playlists.
  • The track will be played on some Radios.
  • The track will be Promoted on Spotify, Beatport, YouTube, Deezer etc.
  • 30-60 Days delivery
  • 24/7 live support

Share short clips on Instagram!

5 tips for promoting your music on Instagram.

Among the legit music promotion services, Instagram is one of the best. If you want to get the best result from this promotion service, use the following five tips as your guide.

     1. Create a compelling bio!

Your page’s first impression is made by your Instagram bio. Even though you only have 150 characters, you can do a lot with them.

Establish your brand and share new music promos or concert dates in your bio.

Add your contact information and location to your Instagram bio if you have a business account so that customers can find you.

You can link to anything in your bio, but the maximum number of links in bios is one.

Therefore, get a Link tree URL so that your followers can access all of your other websites.

You should get advice from legit music promotion services when writing a bio.

     2. Use hashtags!

Utilize industry-related hashtags in your bio and posts to gain new organic followers.

Users of Instagram might come across your band while searching for these tags, and they might discover that your music is exactly what they were looking for in their playlists.

Use attractive videos.

     3. Interact with followers

Respond to your fans’ praise in the comments section, even with a simple like, to build a deeper connection with them.

A fan’s feeling of being seen by a musician they admire is the coolest thing.

Additionally, keep an eye on your direct messages because they may contain business inquiries.

We would argue that keeping your fans and admirers in the industry close is one of the best ways to promote music.

If you have few followers, legit music promotion services can help you to grow them.

     4. Post Instagram Stories

Include music videos and clips from shows in your Stories. As a musician, you want your content to be heard by your audience rather than just seen by them.

To better connect with your fans, include some behind-the-scenes information, such as a jam session or your songwriting process.

Post about ticket sales, merchandise sales, and album sales if you want to monetize this space.

On the items you have for sale, include a link to your e-commerce page.

     5. Use Instagram Videos

You can post up to 60 minutes of your last live performance using Instagram Videos. This is more than just a short clip.

The chance to delve deeper into your content and see what they missed at your previous performance might just motivate them to purchase tickets for the next one.

Devotees will adore this opportunity.

Share your site links in bio!

  • How to make an Instagram marketing strategy

It’s time to monetize your Instagram music promotion skills. For creating a successful marketing plan, follow these suggestions. Also try to find best legit music promotion services.

  • Set goals: Know your goals before you get started. If you want more fans, which in turn means more listens and sales of tickets, you might want to work with an influencer or another artist who can help you get more people to hear your music. If you want to sell products, you need to figure out how to get people to your e-commerce site. You will find your way if you know what you want to accomplish.
  • Configure an editorial calendar: Make sure to schedule your posts so that your content stays the same and your fans don’t miss a post. When the time comes to launch new releases and get your audience excited about your latest songs, an organizer program, which allows users to manage their content across major platforms and schedule posts in batches, will help you stay organized.
  • Build a consistent brand: Even if your music is so good that tickets almost sell themselves, it doesn’t hurt to have a brand that people can’t resist. As a component of your branding, ensure that your Instagram account is consistent. Consistently use your logo, colors, and fonts. Instagram is a social media platform with a lot of visual content. Utilize this advantage by publishing posts that are of high quality and pleasing to the eye.

YouTube, the best among music promotion platforms.

What are the benefits of hiring a YouTube music video promotion service?

By hiring YouTube legit music promotion services, you receive the following benefits.

     1. Getting Legit Views

Views play a crucial role in the journey through YouTube. YouTube further monetizes a channel with the most views and can increase the number of people who watch your videos.

Your video gains value and popularity when it receives a large number of views.

The popularity and success of the video are measured by the view rate. Lots of views on your video indicate that many people enjoyed it.

When your video gets a lot of views, you can make money from YouTube ads. Getting views on YouTube has many advantages.

You can get this view by using YouTube legit music promotion services. Through our well-thought-out marketing, we will ensure that you get a lot of views.

     2. Builds A Fanbase for You

We will cultivate a sizable fan base to increase your visibility and promote your videos.

You can reach more of your intended audience the more people listen to your music.

You never know who will become your biggest supporter and begin to admire you.

YouTube legit music promotion services will promote your brand and bring in new fans for you, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Grow your fanbase on YouTube!

    3. Brand Collaborations

People will discover you through collaborations with musicians and other brands.

Networking with other people is an important part of connecting with your audience.

There are a lot of artists in the music industry, and working with them will give you better opportunities and help you become very popular.

Many people always feel a connection to the brands. You can connect with a lot of brands with the help of legit music promotion services.

Your target audience may be associated with these brands, which may draw them to your channel.

     4. SEO Rank

Our YouTube music video promotion service enables you to achieve first-page rankings on YouTube in addition to views.

We will make your SEO and SEM work better. Your YouTube audience will have an easier time finding you.

SEO ranking will result in more views for your videos.

You can improve your YouTube videos by comparing them to other ranked videos because your video will appear on the first page and receive more views than other videos.

Legit music promotion services can build your SEO perfectly.

Increase your song qualities to get more followers.

     5. More Subscribers

Getting subscribers is just as important as getting views. Your videos and channel are accessible only to subscribers, who can be notified whenever a new video is posted because they have subscribed to you.

You can generate more views with more subscribers. You need to enhance your thumbnail, content, description, and title to increase the number of views you get from subscribers.

YouTube legit music promotion services will give you all the advice you need.

We will work to make your content better, more creative, and more appealing so that you can attract new viewers and expand your channel in every way possible.

Instead of promoting your regular YouTube videos, try promoting your short videos using YouTube shorts. Your subscriber base will grow as a result of this.

     6. Popularity on Various Other Platforms

The YouTube music video promotion service will assist you in expanding your fan base across multiple platforms, which is critical to your success.

You can expect to receive a greater number of offers from the music industry as your popularity increases across all platforms. You can make a lot of money and your brand can grow a lot.

In addition to expanding your YouTube audience, there are several other platforms where you can do so.

These audiences, which can come from anywhere in the world, will begin to adore your channel and will share it as much as they can, accelerating your rise to popularity.

Also, you can hire legit music promotion services, so they grow your followers.

You can gain a lot of benefits by networking, which has a lot of power. Your career can benefit from networking power.

Numerous great musicians have gained popularity through networking.

Music videos have the potential to pique the interest of a large number of individuals, and if both the content and the quality of the video are of the highest rate, they can attract a large audience and fan base.

Best legit music promotion services 19

Spotify help artists to grow.

Why should you use Spotify music promotion services?

Using the Spotify legit music promotion services bring the following benefits.

  • Spotify Pays Royalties to Artists

This means that Spotify will still pay you royalties even if your song only gets a few plays.

New artists who want to get their music heard and make money from it have a great chance here.

You can also use Spotify to promote your music in a great way. You can expand your audience by creating playlists featuring your songs.

  • It Offers an Opportunity to Experiment New Sounds and Styles

Artists also have a great opportunity to try out new sounds and styles on Spotify.

You can get familiar with listeners’ opinions about your songs by streaming them on Spotify.

It can assist you in determining your sound and choosing a direction for your music.

Best legit music promotion services 20

Get advice from legit music promotion services!

  • With More Followers, You Get Verified

The final advantage of having a large number of Spotify followers is that platform will verify you.

To boost this benefit, you can get help from legit music promotion services.

By doing this, you’ll be able to see how many people have listened to your music and how well it is doing in different countries, among other great benefits.

Additionally, verified artists have their music promoted more extensively on Spotify’s social media platforms, which may assist them in expanding their followers even further.

Last but not least, if you want to be verified on Spotify, you need a record label.

Best legit music promotion services 21

Music promotion services do the tricks for you in social media.

Final Thoughts on using legit music promotion services.

Look, the music business is a little bit spammy. Numerous individuals offer music promotion services without likely seeing any results. The definition of “music promotion” is not widely understood. Some pointers:

  • Have a goal for promotion going in.

Although it may appear straightforward, a significant number of artists haven’t given it much thought and want to pay for promotion anyway. You probably waste money if you don’t have a goal. How will you know if you’ve achieved your goal of “making it” or “putting your music out there”?

Hiring legit music promotion services works best when you’re working toward a specific goal, like blog coverage, Spotify streams, or new email list signups.

  • Ask the agency or promoter a bunch of questions.

items like: What artists have you previously collaborated with? How does your procedure function? What outcomes can I anticipate? Are results certain? Will the campaign be accompanied by reporting?

Basically, before giving someone money, check to see that things that make sense are covered.

  • Get promotion lined up before the release.

People who are pushing songs that have been available for a few weeks or months send a lot of requests for music promotion.

Even though we don’t think it should be this way, a song is still old news two weeks after it comes out.

Set up things a month in advance if you want to give yourself and legit music promotion services the best chance of actually seeing results. It really has an impact.

  • Do it.

Promotion can actually be worthwhile. It is the difference between sending a song into the void and reaching people.

You owe it to yourself to make the music count after all that you’ve put into it. Additionally, it is in your best interest to hire legit music promotion services rather than attempt it on your own.

It is definitely possible to do things yourself, and if you are strapped for cash, you may have to do so. However, it truly depresses.

The typical response rate for the sector is between 3 and 5%. To get a few people to say “yes,” you’ll need to pitch 100 people and receive 97 “nos.”


If you are looking for a legit and approved music promotion service, you should consider Black White Promotion.

We are the best among legit music promotion services. The many artists that we worked with, are proof of this.

Do you want to promote your music on one or all platforms? We will do it for you easily.

Also, we give a 30-day payback guarantee. To gain more information, check out our website.


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